Almost every Travel company you deal with will say that they are giving you the highest rate, the best benefits or a special bonus. Most experienced Travel Nurses or Allied Professionals know that when an agency says they are giving things such as luxury housing, sign on bonuses, completion bonuses, airfare, rental cars,etc., that you will be paid less in your hourly rate.  We all know that the money all comes from one pot and it isn’t always being divided up the way you may want it. Sometimes there are hidden costs that are not properly communicated to you or worst, incompetence. tries to give you what you want and to tailor it the way you want it. We believe we pay the highest in the industry because we have really watched our internal expenses. We don’t have expensive office space or fancy executive cars or leer jets or a team of lawyers. This is why we feel we can give our Travel Nurses or Allied Professionals the largest compensation package divided up the way you want it, and of course we can provide you with housing, housing stipends, benefits, transportation, Tax free per diem, etc. Whatever you need divided up the way you want it.

In the end, it really comes down to the agency that understands you the best and gives you what you want.’s team is determined to be the best at this for you.


         We offer the following:

  • Highest rate in the industry
  • Weekly pay with direct deposit
  • No Float policy unless you agree in your contract
  • Guaranteed hours
  • Dedicate staff who really care about you and stick up for you
  • Easy to understand contracts with clear language about your assignment
  • Fully furnished, private and safe housing 30 minutes or less from the Hospital
  • Housing stipend can be selected instead of our housing
  • Pictures of housing complex before you move in
  • Tax Free Per Diem based on government guidelines
  • 24 hour emergency hotline
  • PPO Healthcare plan with full medical (with RX), dental, vision, orthodontics, chiropractor
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Life insurance
  • Assigned professional recruiters
  • Highest travel reimbursement plan in industry
  • Dedicated payroll specialists
  • Workers compensation
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Ability to work as a 1099 employee
  • Assignments in all 50 states
  • Direct contact with management