Nursing Licenses – Approximate Time frames – BOOKMARK THIS PAGE FOR YOUR REFERENCE

One of the core requirements of a travel nursing job is having a current state license from the destination you wish to travel to. Nursing licensure timeframes vary from state-to-state, making it easier to obtain a nursing license from some states over others. This table below out lines which states accept compact licensure and which ones offer expedited walk-through licensure, as well as the standard time frame to obtain a nursing license from the state’s board of nursing.Compact state are states that accept your license if you have a permanent address/license from a participating state. Your license will be marked Compact if you qualify.  A walk through state means that you can go to the board and receive your license in a quicker time frame.  You may want to bookmark this page for future reference because nursing licensure time frames  change throughout the course of the year.

Last updated on 1/17/2012

State (click on state to go to website) Walk through Compact Turnaround time
Alabama 2 weeks
Alaska^ 2 weeks
Arizona^ X X License issued 48-72hrs after walk through
Arkansas X 10 days for new
California^ X 4-8 weeks, walk through now takes 1 week
Colorado X 4 weeks for new
Connecticut 2 weeks
Delaware X 2 weeks for new
Florida 4-6 weeks
Georgia 4-6 weeks
Hawaii Temp takes 1 week
Idaho X X
Illinois 4-6 weeks
Indiana X
Iowa X 2-6 weeks for new
Kansas X 2 weeks
Kentucky* X 2 weeks for new
Louisiana X Walk through is for a temp license, 4-6 weeks otherwise
Maine* X 2 weeks for new
Maryland* X X
Massachusetts 4-6 weeks
Michigan 6-8 weeks
Minnesota 4-8 weeks
Mississippi X X
Missouri X X
Montana 1 week
Nebraska X X
Nevada 6-9 weeks
New Hampshire* X 2-8 weeks for new
New Jersey 4-6 weeks
New Mexico* X 2 weeks
New York 6-8 weeks
North Carolina* X 2 weeks for new
North Dakota X 1 week for new
Ohio^* 4-6 weeks
Oklahoma 3-4 weeks
Oregon 3 weeks
Pennsylvania^ 2-3 weeks
Rhode Island X X 4+ weeks for new
South Carolina X X 2 weeks via e-mail
South Dakota X X
Tennessee X 4-6 weeks for new
Texas* X 2 weeks for new
Utah X 3 weeks for new
Vermont X
Virginia X 4 weeks for new
Washington* 4-5 weeks
West Virginia 1-2 weeks
Wisconsin X 2 weeks for new
Wyoming 2-3 weeks

^ Paperless process

*Fingerprint cards needed

Compact state licenses website