Travelers Q&A: Can a Hospital cancel a Travel Nurse contract?

June 20, 2012

Yes and no. It depends on the Hospital. All Hospitals can cancel your contract if you miss work too often, if you don’t get a long with the existing staff or if you make a mistake with a patient but some Hospitals will also have clauses about canceling your guaranteed hours per week based on census. Not many Hospitals will have this cancellation condition but some might. It is always a good idea to talk to your agency about what the cancellation policy is before you accept an assignment and a good agency will make sure you have it in your contract.

At it isn’t that normal for Travel Nurses to get their contracts cancelled and I would assume it is pretty much the same with other Travel Nurse Agencies. On a side note, all HCA hospitals ( there are 200 across the nation) do have it in their contract for all Travel Nurse agencies to abide by.