Travelers Q&A: Does the IRS say a Travel Nurse can stay on an assignment a year or less

February 27, 2012

We have had Travel Nurses tell us that some Hospitals have told them that they can not stay on their assignment for more then a year without taking a long term break due to IRS rules.

First off, A Travel Nurse should always check with their own Tax adviser for rules in regards to how long they think a Travel Nurse can stay on their assignment. is not an expert in this area.

However, the IRS does not specifically state  any time frame of when a Travel Nurse can work before they would be considered a full time employee. Some Hospitals might have their own rules in this regard to help them avoid any issues relating to a Travel Nurse being considered a full time employee of the Hospital.  There are twenty rules that the IRS uses to determine if a contractor is an employee or contractor. You can read the rules at…/IRSFactorTest_000.pdf