Travelers Q&A: What do I do when a my Travel Nurse assignment is going bad?

January 17, 2013

If a travel nurse is having difficulty on his/her assignment, he/she should call his/her recruiter as the first step regardless if you are working for or another Travel Nurse agency. The recruiter needs to know what is going on so they can address the issue that the travel nurse is having with their contact at the hospital. The recruiter usually has a representative from HR as one of their key contacts and sometimes that contact doesn’t know what is happening on the floor where the travel nurse works. While this may not solve the problem 100% of the time, more often than not, it will help. There may be options other than just leaving the assignment.  If it’s an issue where the travel nurse does not feel safe with what they are doing clinically because of floating or a variety of reasons, sometimes adjustments to the assignment can be made.  If it’s an issue outside of the hospital, the recruiter should still be made aware, because there can still be other options than just quitting. A good recruiter will be able to come up with options, or will communicate to the hospital to find out what options the travel nurse has in the situation they are in. The key to all of this is open communication.