Travelers Q&A: Questions to ask aTravel Nurse Agency so you can find a good one?

August 24, 2012

Like most questions there can be a lot of answers  so lets focus on three.

First off, longevity in the busness means a lot. In general, any businesss that has been in business for 5-7 years really knows what it is doing so a good question to ask your Travel Nurse agency recruiter is “how long has your agency been in business”.

Secondly, ask your recruiter to tell you about themselves. You will instantly know if the recruiter is on the ball once they finish talking and it is probably a good idea for you to select only  3-5 Travel nurse agencies to work with when you are looking for an assignment. Why? Because recruiters hate it when Travel nurses work with a lot of agencies lie when a Travel Nurse sends out a e-mail to 25 agencies letting them know that you are looking for a new Travel Nurse job. The Travel Nurse Recruiters feels like you don’t want any relationship and that you will not be loyal. Recruiter really work hard for their Travel Nurses and they want to know that you will work closely with them.

Third, do you have a chemestry with the recruiter. Maybe you have the same hobbies, maybe the recruiter asks you really good questions, maybe your fellow travelers friends have been treated right by this recruiter. Chemistry means a lot and you should trust your instinct.

In the end, use your gut.