We believe that has the highest payout referral plan in the industry. If you refer one of your friends who takes a Travel position with us, we will pay you $1 per hour for every hour your friend works up to $3,000 per person. has already paid out tens or thousands of dollars and we are glad to do it. Your friends get a Rewarding Travel Experience, our Hospital client gets a great Travel Nurse or Allied Professional, and you get paid for helping a friend. We all benefit.

Here is how you can get your referral:

  1. Send your friend to our website or have them call us. Tell them to mention/type in your name.
  2. E-mail or call us with your friend’s name and contact information. We will give them a call to see if we can help them.
  3. If you know someone on their assignment isn’t being treated right, have them call us.

The great thing about our program is that we will keep your name in our system and if we place your friend anytime within the next 3 years, we will automatically pay you.

It’s really a great way to make some extra cash for helping a friend!