Travelers Stories: employees helps hurricane sandy family

December 5, 2012, which places Registered Nurses on long term temporary assignments at hospitals throughout the United States (Called Travel Nurses), has always tried to do the right thing over the past 10 years. Two of our most tenured employees, Christina Verduchi and Mary Spilthe wanted to help families in New Jersey that were most effected due to hurricane sandy. We are very proud of Christina and Mary’s efforts (and continued efforts) to help those in need. has also been making financing contributions to help hurricane sandy victims.


What we did: Christina & Mary worked on a house in Brick, NJ that is situated right next to wetlands on Barnegat Bay.  Insurance is covering some of the damages (2 feet) , however this house had taken on about 5 feet of water in it from the storm and needed to be gutted. The backyard needs to be cleared of debris that washed over from across the bay. The contents of this yard looked to be someone’s kitchen and bathroom, though bicycles and a wall from a shed showed up too.

After clearing some debris from the front yard, Christina, Mary & about 14 other volunteers went into the house to tear down walls, insulation and remove flooring.  This house is due to be completed by the end of 2012. 

About Team Jersey: Team Jersey was founded by Shannon Ruvelas when she went to help a friend and could not stop. When she got to the 2nd house she asked a friend to join her. Then when she went to the 3rd house her other friend Mark joined her. Then the next day a new friend Dannielle joined. Together, Shannon, Mark, and Dannielle are managing projects on 10 houses + that were affected by Superstorm Sandy. They say they are in this “for the long haul” and that it’s going to be at least a year (if not longer) of work.

What they do: Clean up / clear out homes, remove flooring and walls, dry out homes, rebuild walls, paint. They also help homeowners get back on their feet by helping them locate local businesses to help where Team Jersey cannot & by finding new/ used furniture and appliance items to replace what was lost. Team Jersey is made up solely of volunteers and any / all gift card donations go directly to homeowners for supplies & to replace what was lost that insurance won’t cover.

What they need: They are working on homes EVERY day and need volunteers EVERY day too. For those that aren’t local but want to help, they are always in desperate need of Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco, and Walmart gift cards.

Where to send gift cards: Team Jersey c/o Shannon Ruvelas 77 Brookfield Drive Jackson, NJ 08527

For more information:

Contact Shannon at (732) 927-3641 or email:

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Facebook Group Page (more information on where to help out from day to day) :!/groups/166921073432270/?fref=ts

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