Travelers Stories: Hospitals count on Travel Nurses in a time of crisis

November 5, 2012

The headquarters office of is based in New Jersey, and during the recent Hurricane Sandy emergency, our staff was hard at work making sure that our Travelers were safe and that they got paid on time. Even with no electricity, internet and heat at all of our homes for several days and spotty utilities at the office, the team banded together to make sure that our Travel Nurses were taken care of.  It was a testament to how much the team cares about taking care of our Traveler nurses .  Our Travel Nurses also made numerous calls to our recruiters to make sure that we were ok. It was much appreciated.

During this period of tough times, we often see and hear that Travel Nurses are the most reliable when it comes to showing up for work and helping their patients/Hospital/Team. We hear from hospitals that they bring on permanent staff and registry nurses due to the cheaper cost (actually, it has been proven that Traveler nurses cost the same as full timers) but that the hospital staff feel that Travel nurses are the most reliable when it comes to coming in for work and taking care of patients. In survey after survey the number one priority for Hospitals is quality of care and not the rate that the hospital has to pay for a Travel Nurse so one wonders why Travelers are not used more.

In this time of unpredictability, when you realize how dependent upon technology we really are, you start to appreciate predictability. Travel Nurses are consistently professionals, who not only do an incredible job of bringing experience with them to help the rest of the team, but also bring with them a commitment to showing up on time and working the hours they were contracted to work.

The consistently of Travel Nurses should far out way the perceived increase in cost that a hospital feels it has to pay to bring on these talented care takers.