Travelers Stories: The Importance of Building Rapport with Your Travel Nurse Recruiter

January 6, 2012

By Kim Telesc, Travel Nurse Recruiter

Gone are the days of the face-to-face interview, eye contact, and the deal-closing handshake. Welcome to the age of technology. Today, we are inundated with emails, phone calls and junk mail. All of this is done to get our attention and ultimately, to maintain our business. In a frustrating world where shiny, flashy advertisements have overrun our society, how can we make sure that we are dealing with a person who is looking out for our best interests, when we have never met them in person? It all comes down to the rapport you have with the person on the other end of the line. It is a commonality of perspective, being in “sync,” being on the same “wavelength” as the person with whom you are talking.
In the world of Healthcare, one needs an advocate to help translate technical aspects into a living, breathing, hardworking nurse who loves her job. In order to obtain a rewarding travel experience, a lot of work needs to be done. A resume does not say it all. In fact, a resume says very little about who a person truly is. So how do you obtain that perfect job? How does one convey their personality, experience and drive to a hospital administrator that’s 3000 miles away? The answer: a recruiter who you can trust and who shares your vision.
It is imperative that when looking for a recruiter, you find one that you can connect with, someone who understands your skills, your goals and genuinely connects with you on a personal level. You want your recruiter to match you up to a job based on your skill level and your desire to be in that particular location. A recruiter should understand your housing request(s) and help you with your monetary needs. A recruiter should pick up the phone whenever you need them. A good Travel Nurse recruiter knows how to listen. They know that there is more to your life than your next assignment and they take into consideration your family and the pets at home, your love for the beach and your desire to work in a large hospital. He or she also knows that we are all human and sometimes, a friendly voice is all one needs on the other end of the phone.
Just about anyone can match you up to a job in North West Alaska if you are looking for big bucks…but it takes a true professional to get you a position in the same state as your child who is spending their first year in college, or with your sister in Washington state who you haven’t seen in two years. To have a truly rewarding travel experience, there is more to it than a competitive hourly rate. You need an advocate. You need a friend. So next time your phone rings and there is an eager recruiter on the other end, make sure they take the time to listen and to get to know you. There is a profound benefit in personalizing your relationship with your recruiter and you need to know that you are worth the time when they want to learn about your hopes, dreams and goals.